Full auto paintball gun in Welkom, Free State for sale

TV games & PC games

Hi i have a bt-4 combat paintball marker for sale or swap for a gaming pc i spet about 7 grand on kit want to sale it all my reason is i dont fined time to play anymore.the marker was a standard bt marker i upgraded as followed i put a 20 oz bottle on with a remote line with a carry bag for the bottle u put on a e-trigger with 4 shot settings on i changed the standard hopper to a electic fed hopper(rip clip) and added a low profile hopper to the mix i bought a reflex site with a of centre adapter i bought a 16" proto barrol and a 1945 14" barrol and made 1 frankenstein barrol out of it it has a m16 clip and a front grip on i added a tactical sliding stock to it as u can see i uped the gun alot i have 2hoppers a carrybag(camo) bt xl gloves a proto mask and a self made stand all sold as 1 its truely a 1 of a kind marker and a force on the field we dubed it the Judge i can mms pics of the gun please no pic hunters